David Marsh

Managing Director

Dave is the founding member of the company and he has previously worked in both web design and video games. Having grown up in a hotel, the evolution of the comany to a hotel booking agency was always on the cards. At least that's what his dad says!

Dave's Top Tip:

"Look for a hotel that offers an taxi based transfer service. These are so much more convenient than a scheduled transfer bus as they run to your own personal schedule. Some hotels are currently including these for free."

Chris Birch

Technical Director

Chris's vast techincal know-how brings Dave's visions to life. Monday mornings generally open with Dave's catch phrase: 'I've had an idea!'. This is followed by Chris's groans as he contemplates the effort involved in bringing these ideas to life.

Chris's Top Tip:

"Don't get caught out by hidden extras. Check before you book to see whether transfers and extra parking are included. Better still, look for complete package deals so you know exactly what you're booking up-front."

Steve Perry

Head of Marketing and PR

Steve is the latest member to join the team and is tasked with spreading the good name if GatwickHotels.info far and wide. That shouldn't be too hard now should it? Eh Steve?

Steve's Top Tip:

"Try to avoid automatically booking a chain hotel simply because you recognise the brand. There are some great deals to be had with the smaller indendent hotels in the area, plus, you'll get to support local business at the same time."

Gatwickhotels.info is owned and operated by Hotels24Seven ltd.

A Brief History of Us

The team behind GatwickHotels.info originally came together in 2007 as a new media start-up. They soon realised that there was an oppurtunity to dedicate their extensive skill-set to the travel industry. The company quickly evolved in to a hotel booking agency now called Hotels24Seven ltd.

Although from web design and development backgrounds, the team quickly aquired a sound knowledge of the hotel industry, focused specifically on the hotels around Gatwick Airport. They are now perfectly placed to complete hotel reservations and offer sound advice and booking tips to anyone looking to book a hotel in the Gatwick area.

Let’s face it - there are thousands of websites offering hotel bookings these days. Click here to discover why we think you’ll be better off booking with us.

If you have question relating to a Gatwick hotel listed on our site, please don't hesitiate to call us. Any member of our team will be able to help you with your query.

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