Recommended Hotels

Our Recommended Gatwick Hotels are those that we have forged a special relationship with based on their ability to offer a great service at an excellent price.

We have conducted a full review of their services and know them to represent outstanding value for money. In other words, they're exactly the kind of hotels that we are keen to promote on

I Googled a recommended hotel, why did I end up here?

Once a hotel becomes recommended by us we develop a comprehenisve web listing consisiting of several pages of content relating to that hotel. In many cases these listings are better than the hotel's own web sites. These hotels have redirected their own websites to their page within our website, effectively making their official homepage.

You get more commission if I book a 'recommended hotel' right?

It is true that we work on commission but we recieve no increased percentage as a result of you booking a recommended hotel. If all we were interested in was scoring the maximum commission then we would recommend only the most expensive hotels. In fact the opposite is true. We only recommend hotels that represent great value for money and we do this becasue we want to to return and use us again and again.

How can my hotel become a recommended hotel?

Obviously we are not planning to allow every hotel in the area to become recommended. That would defeat the object. Your establishment must first meet a strict set of criteria and for this reason it is not easy to become a recommended hotel. That's not to say it isn't possible.

As a recommended hotel you can enjoy greater visibility on our homepage and a priority listing amongst our search results.

Please send an email to request more information. Please include the name of your hotel and contact information. is owned and operated by Hotels24Seven ltd.

A Brief History of Us

The team behind originally came together in 2007 as a new media start-up. They soon realised that there was an oppurtunity to dedicate their extensive skill-set to the travel industry. The company quickly evolved in to a hotel booking agency now called Hotels24Seven ltd.

Although from web design and development backgrounds, the team quickly aquired a sound knowledge of the hotel industry, focused specifically on the hotels around Gatwick Airport. They are now perfectly placed to complete hotel reservations and offer sound advice and booking tips to anyone looking to book a hotel in the Gatwick area.

It’s good to know you’re dealing with real people and not just a computer. Click here to meet the team behind

If you have question relating to a Gatwick hotel listed on our site, please don't hesitiate to call us. Any member of our team will be able to help you with your query.

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